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Archon Giselle de la Croix has been ordered by her Justicar to investigate The Prince of Key West. Gathering a group of Kindred allies, Giselle makes her way south through Sabbat infested Miami to Key West where blood is scarce, and the stakes are high. The Prince of the city, Emmaline Du Veaux controls her fiefdom with secrecy and the power of blood. Through combination of boons, blood bonds, and her mysterious influence over the city’s numerous Malkavians, the Prince is unrivaled in her control of the city. However South Florida is a hotly contested area, and yet the savage Cainites of the Sabbat have never been able to successfully conquer Key West. Recent intelligence suggests a link between the Prince and the Sabbat, but to what end?

Will the Archon be able to unravel the mystery in time, or will she be drowned in a sea of blood surging ahead of the coming storm?


Bone Island Cayo Hueso, Bone Island, Key West. The island as had many names and many inhabitatants over the years. Once the richest city in Florida, Key West is now known for it’s bars, unique locals, and access to all manner of ocean activities.

The General’s Bunker An old bomb shelter from the fifties, once abandoned to the county and later sold to the Key West airport. This structure remains suspiciously unused despite it’s guarded nature. It is here that The Eldest/The General makes his haven.

The Cemetary Similar to the above ground cemetaries of New Orleans, Key West’s unique geological composition makes it all but impossible to bury the dead below ground. Filled with graves ranging from the comic to the tragic, it is a favorite haunt of those in need of quiet respite.

Club XS Co-owned by the Malkavian Drag QueenVagina Hurtzand M. De la Croix, the club known as “XS” occupies a previously vacant theatre behind the St. Paul’s Episcopal Church. What better place for the Kindred to hide?

La Concha Hotel The tallest, if not oldest building on Duval St., from the roof of the La Concha one can see the harbor and all of downtown Key West. It is here that Emmaline DuVeaux, Tremere Prince of Key West often meets the members of her court.



As a sect dedicated to the Traditons laid down by the first vampire, Caine, the Camarilla work together to maintain the Masquerade, but is sometimes little more than a backdrop to the schemes of the eldest vampires. Key West has long been under the aupices of the Camarilla, thanks in no small part to the actions of the city’s potent Prince. The rest of south Florida however has for many decades been controlled by packs of Sabbat under the leadership of the Malkavian antitribu, Archbishop Fabrizia Contrariz.

Emmaline DuVeaux, Tremere Prince of Key West The Tremere are not often known as a clan to take the highest political positions, but more those of the power behind the throne. Key West’s Prince is a bit of a lone wolf among her normally tight-knit clan, however with no support from her clan she is the unrivaled leader among Key West’s Kindred.

Ms. Edna St. George, Gangrel Sheriff Sheriff St. George is one of the few Gangrel to remain loyal to the Camarilla after her clan’s seperation from the sect. This is due in part to her loyalty to her Prince and the level of respect and power she commands among the local vampires. The Sheriff is responsible for enforcing both the Traditions of the Camarilla, and the edicts of the Prince.

Patrick “Paddy” O’Rourke, Brujah Scourge of Key West Paddy O’Rourke is quite the bastard. He has made few friends among the locals, but he has earned a reputation as a vicious and sadistic servant of the Prince. In his duties as Scourge, he has the authority to evict or destroy any Kindred of the most recent generations known as the, “thin blooded.” The fact that few of these young Kindred are ever heard from after their initial encounter with the Scourge only adds to his deadly reputation.


The vampires of Clan Malkavian are a twice damned lot. Burdened with the dual curses of madness and vampirism due to the transgressions of their mythical progenitor, Malkav. The Kindred of this clan find Key West’s eccentric mortal population easy to hide among. Some have wondered why so many Lunatics are drawn to the island, as few of the local Kindred were Embraced there, but none can fathom the motivations of mad.

The Lance De facto Primogen of the clan in Key West and the Prince’s eyes and ears on the street, the Lance is a charming if eccentric link in the Prince’s chain of authority.

Finn Few know him, fewer still seek his company once they have met him. Finn is your quintessential Key West bum. Possesing a prodigious stench and a similarly provacative nature, Finn slides between fantasy and reality easily. Though some question his wisdom, on matters of science, the occult, and history his knowledge is comprehensive if not always accurate.

Orlando “Bruno” Griffin New to Key West, and linked to the coterie of Kindred surrounding Archon Giselle De la Croix, Griffin has only recently discovered his membership in the clan. Haunted by a past he cannot remember, Lando searches for clues to his lost life/unlife. Recently upon meeting The Don, old memories have resurfaced of life among the inhuman Sabbat. Fearing the implications this may have on his current situation, he is seeking more info on his infamous mentor.

Vagina Hurtz is one of Key West’s premier drag queens. Lauded for his/her brassy voice and sassy nature, few would suspect that this consumate entertainer and star of Key West gay community is in fact a creature of the night. Believing him/herself to have been female before his/her Embrace, Miss Vagina (pronounced Vaj-eena) Hurtz was found among the debris of a collapsed church by his/her ally and employer, Archon Giselle De la Croix. Having long abandoned his/her forgotten past, Hurtz is happy to lose his/herself in the intrigues of Kindred society, Key West nightlife, and service as both groom and spy for his/her Mistress.

The Eldest/The General Little is known of the Kindred known as “the Eldest.” He makes his haven in an abandoned bomb shelter between little Hamaca Park and the Key West Airport. There, guarded by fanatical ghouls appearing to the uninitiated as homeless vagrants, he alternately raves and broods upon the fate of the island. Few know truly how old he is, or his mortal name. His voice is unaccented in the dozen or so languages in which he screams prophecies and epithets to the echoing halls of his fortified haven. The Prince is seemingly unaware, or unafraid of this elder’s influence upon the local Malkavian population. A flaw that one night she may come to regret.


Vampire supremacists and post-human monsters, the Sabbat believes in freedom from the opression of the schemes of the most ancient vampires. That the Sabbat’s actions may well be part of those machinations is an irony few would confront these rabid Cainites with. Organized as an unholy crusade the Sabbat’s Priscii, Bishops and Archbishops lead the various packs of younger vampires in a war against the “weaker” Kindred of the Camarilla. The two sects have been at war almost since their inception, and no where is that war more vicious or dramatic than North America. The Sabbat have long controlled much of south Florida, but in recent years their enemies among the Camarilla have gained a foothold within the Sunshine State. Despite their south Floridian hegemony, the Sabbat have never been able to rout the strong presence of the Camarilla in Key West.

The Don is a mystery to most. Little is known of this dangerous and dapper gentelman vampire. He is known to be the emissary of the Queen with Burning Eyes, an elder of great power and mysterious origins. Scholars have linked him to the Conquistadors of Spain, and possibly the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V, but little else is known. He has long been linked with the Florida peninsula, some say that he is searching for some lost treasure or artifact from his mortal life.

The Queen with Burning Eyes Her royal personage has not been seen by the eyes of the sane in many centuries. Only her emissary, the Don, has seen her and kept his mind in tact, and whether that is a sign of his steely resolve, or her divine will is best left to conjecture. What is known is that the Queen has been a known player in vampiric politics for over five centuries. Hardly old by Kindred standards the Queen has made an impressive impact upon the Jyhad, and those unlucky enough to have earned her ire count themselves lucky to be killed by her vengeance. Those that have survived her machinations find their minds twisted by her insane whims. If the Queen has set her sights on Key West, the Kindred of the Keys, Sabbat and Camarilla alike, may find themselves ensnared in the webs of her insanity .


Eel/Worm the Eel, or Worm, as the Prince has dubbed him, has been a thorn in her side for some time. A monster, most likely of the inhuman Nosferatu clan, the Eel is blamed with the deaths of for mortals within the Prince’s realm. He has been witnessed to be in possesion of powers here-to-fore unkonwn to Kindred occultists. Seemingly able to alter his form like wax. This allowed him to move into spaces much smaller than normally possible, possibly allowing him to exist within Key West storm drains and tiny sewer lines. Recently staked and captured by Archon De la Croix and her coterie his current whereabouts and ultimate fate are unknown.

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