Orlando "Bruno" Griffin

Tall, average height with a non descript face. Easy to forget. Brown hair and eyes, usually marginally unkempt.


The concept of this character, though difficult for the GM, made the game more fun for me. I had the GM make up my character almost all unknown to me. He has amnesia, which he gets every 30 years or so, effectially wiping the slate clean. So as for any of my attributes, they are a mystery that I, as the player, am gradually finding out through the progress of the campaign. I know He is a 9th generation Malcavian, Skilled in hand to hand fighting and is quick on his feet. More than that, I can only guess.


He has apparently been running around for a hundred years or more. Most of his background is a wash, due to his amnesia, but has recently had a signifigant flashback. A pivotal character from his past has made a re-emergence in his life. Though briefly seen, his presence has brough back a flash of memory from the early thirties. The “Don”, otherwise knows as Don Arturo Bonadutchi, dresses in outdated finery, speaking with a faint spanish accent. He has one eye, what happened to the other one can only guess at. The Don was the characters boss, or pack elder in his flashback. Apparently affiliated with the Sabbat, its questionable weather he works with their common goal, or just uses them to further his own.

Orlando "Bruno" Griffin

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