Vagina Hurtz

Typically visible as a statuesque woman who seems to be too harty for "her" own good.


Tall, Loud, and Sassy! We all love Mask of a Thousand Faces!


Vagina Hurtz,origonally named Francois DeBrazier, born to parents Phillippe and Geraldine DeBrazier. They were a family of means thanks in part to hard work and family money made possible by the invention of more humane over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders. In this environment it is said that it may have had an adverse effect on young Francois turning him “weird” by some peoples standards. Fortunately in that time in France, it was socially acceptable to be a little femenine from time to time and so before he reached the age of puberty, his parents decided to test his raw potential and had him castrated and sent off to theater to become a Castrato opera singer. Unfortunately there was a fire at the theater after he had return during a surprise performance he hosted as a thank you to the school for helping him so much and for his teacher whom he owed his entire career to. What happened after the initial blaze is beyond his knowledge, but he awoke or was awaken by persons unknown and has since ended up in the care and care of ms. De lacroix and has been with her ever since as both trusted friend, and mirror. Silly Lasombra ;-P

Vagina Hurtz

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