Winds of Change

The Most Dangerous Game

In which the coterie becomes intangled in the plots of Bone Island's resident undead.

Author’s note- Any resemblance to people real or fictional, is meant as an homage. Also the first half of this post actually took place during the previous session. When the Sheriff appears the second session ended, when the PCs speak with the Sheriff marks the beginning of the 3rd session, but it looks better here for dramatic purposes.

The coterie makes its’ way by land and sea to Key West. All goes well except for an attempt by Dowd to feed on a hispanic prostitute in Florida City. Successfully luring her into his car, he finds a quiet location to feed. When he bends down to drink from the veins in her neck he is repulsed by the crucifix on her neck. Unceremoniously pushing her to the curb, Dowd leaves the mainland hungry. Meeting up in Key West the group relies heavily on Ms. Hurtz local knowledge, and contacts. The group attempts to find one of the Princes’ lackeys, a mad vampire known as The Lance. Often found on the street corners of Duval Street, reading aloud from 1984, and warning of dire conspiracies. The Lance was a boisterous, but innocous link to the Prince, and her ever present eyes and ears on the night time streets of downtown Key West.

Near the famous Bull & Whistle bars the coterie is approached by a pale young man in a tank top and sporty street clothes. He introduces himself as Patrick O’Rourke, Key West’s Scourge (a position appointed by the city’s Prince to thin the ranks of unwelcome vampires), and asks the coterie bluntly to join him in a nearby alley. Once their the group is flanked by his two ghouled thugs, and O’Rourke begins asking the coterie members their clan and business on the island. Hurtz, who recognized O’Rourke, and knows full well his obnoxious attitude, offers that the group is looking to meet the Prince and introduce themselves, as is custom. O’Rourke ignores “her” and continues to prod the group for their identities and clans. When Lando admits he does not know his clan, O’Rourke gets right in his face and begins to not so subtley provoke him. A fight ensues, in which the coterie quickly subdues O’Rourke and his cronies with non-lethal force. As O’Rourke is knocked unconcious into the side of a steel dumpster the city’s Gangrel Sheriff (another appointee of the Prince, not conected with the mortal authorities), Ms. Edna appears in the alley to sort things out. * Ms. Edna greets Hurtz, who shares connections with the Sheriff among Key West’s gay community, but asks for a swift explanation for the altracation. After it wass explained that O’Rourke began the fight, Ms.Edna, fully aware of the Brujah’s short temper, told the coterie to meet her at the top of the La Concha hotel in two hours. There they could meet the Prince and explain themselves more fully. Memebers of the coterie take this time to feed on various drunks and tourists downtown. Luring them with promises of money, drugs, or illicit relations. When all have been fed the coterie meets up in front of the La Concha and take the elevator to the top floor. There in the abandoned upstars bar they meet the Prince of Key West. Emmaline DuVeaux, Prince of Key West gives them a cold reception, greeting them with little interest she learns their names and clans. When asked what their business is in Key West, Hurtz interjects that they are her guests and are here after having conducted some sect business on the mainland. She also warns the Prince of the increasing number of Sabbat in Miami, and the coteries run in with the monster on the cargo ship.

The Prince explains that the coterie, except for Ms. Hurtz who is already an accepted Key West resident, are allowed to stay only three days in the city and must then leave. They are not to feed from city residents and are to restrict their feeding to tourists or homeless. They are strongly cautioned not to feed from diseased vessels or spread disease among the residents of Key West. It is also explained to them that all local Kindred have cultivated safe feeding stocks to feed from, called herds, and it is suggested that they make use of Ms. Hurtz herd exclusively. At this point the Prince makes an offer to Lando, who has admitted his the mystery of his past. If Lando will give her a sample of his blood, she can use her Thaumaturgy (a type of blood magic unique to her clan), that she can determine the strength of his blood and the clan to which he belongs. Lando, unaware of the power a Tremere has over blood, freely offered it in return for answers to his lost past. He was told to return at midnight the next night, and answers would be given for the price of an unnamed favor.

After their meeting with the Prince, The Lance, who had been in attendance greeted his clanmate Ms. Hurtz and invited her and Lando to meet with a vampire the local Malkavians refered to as “The Eldest.” Feeling a supernatural pull to the Eldest’s location in an abandoned bomb shelter behind the airport, the two agreed to meet him there. The Call, as members of Clan Malkavian call the supernatural connection they share was felt by both Lando and Ms. Hurtz. The group traveled to Flagler, near Key West High School, where they were drawn to a side street that lead to the entrance of Little Hamaca park. They entered the park, which closed at dusk through an open gate, and then had to crawl under a security fence to access the overgrown bomb shelter. They could feel themselves being watched by unseen eyes, and were greeted at the entrance by a ragged and toothless bum.

Once inside The Lance lead them through a series of darkened corridors to a candle lit room where a wiry old man sat mumbling to himself in a foreign language. When he became aware of their presence the Lance, and Finn another local Malkavian who had the smell and appearance of one of the city’s numerous homeless, introduced Lando and Ms. Hurtz. The Eldest, whom Finn and the Lance now addressed as The General spoke to all within his presence of a coming storm, and the rising of the dead. He warned Lando to beware of his past, and to beware the turning of the wyrm and the coming of the time of thin blood. Then the ancient vampire dismissed them, as they left the sounds of screaming and howling in some ancient tongue echoed through the dark halls. The Lance warned them not to speak of the General to the Prince or any other, and to heed the prophecies of the Eldest.

The next night Lando met with the Prince and she revealed his clan and generation. She told him he was a Malkavian of the ninth generation of vampires decended from Caine. For this answer she asked the prince of a boon from Lando, a favor that he would complete for her. On the rooftop of the building next to the La Concha where the coterie has once again met the prince a monstrous creature alights next to the Prince. It has skin as grey as stone, a demonic horned head, and batlike wings. It whispers something to the Prince and they over hear the word “worm.” The Prince looks to Lando and tells him that she has found a sufficient task for him to pay her back. He and his allies must track down a nefarious Kindred known alternately as the Eel, or the Worm. If the coterie can capture this Kindred alive, Lando’s debt will be paid and the Prince satisfied as to the coterie’s loyaties.

The Prince turns the group over to her Sheriff, who will inform them of the Eels crimes and any information that the Sheriff posseses. She informs them that the Eel has murdered three victims within the city, in their homes. That each victim was exsanguinated, and that each was safely locked within their home with no signs of forced entry. Tonight a fourth victim has been found, and a cover up was being conducted. The coterie would be given the address of the latest victim, and access to her home. Once there they could try and find a way to track the Eel down. The group was given an address to a quadruplex on Duck Ave, in an area known as the Smurf Village, for its’ mushroom shaped houses.

Once there Lando entered first, hoping to catch a psychic impression left by the killer. Searching through the house he caught sight of wet foot prints in the bathroom leading up the stairs of the house. The footprints were dirty, and smelled of sewage. When he came to the second floor he could see that the tracks lead into the bedroom. Opening the door and moving into the room he touched the bed, suddenly he was lying in the bed. There was something standing over him, blurry at first, but as it drew closer in the darkness he could see its’ puckered slimy skin. It’s face drew closer, he could smell the foul odor of stagnant water and sewage, he could see the creatures’ human eyes set above a face with no nose and a mouth like a lamprey’s. The creature moved quickly forward and bit his throat, and then Lando was back in himself standing at the foot of the bed.

Calling the others in they scoured the house for clues. While Lando, Hurtz, and Dowd were up stairs, Giselle searched the humble living room and kitchen downstairs. In one corner on an end table was a photo of a woman, the woman was in no other photos in the house and was standing next to a man dressed in the circus garb. The man was thin and bald, and had one of his arms bent back around his shoulder and around the shoulder of the woman in the picture. The picture was signed, “To Elise, a beautiful fan! -E.W.” As she was studying the picture Giselle heard a squelching sloshing sound coming from the bathroom. Drawing the shadows of the room around her Giselle backed into a corner and watched as a twisted, slimy, hairless man came out of the bathroom dripping water as he went. His eyes were dark pools of shadow and unreadable, but his mouth was that of a lamprey, ringed with teeth. She saw the thing stop, and look in her direction, it stared intently at something very near her. As she watched the creature moved forward and picked up the picture the Archon had been studying moments before.

Upstairs Dowds inhumanly keen ears picked up the sounds of movement downstairs. Using all of his skill, he stealthily made his way down the stairs to engage the stranger. As he did Giselle drew on the power of her Lasombra heritage. She created six tentacles of darkness and used them to grab the thing. It wriggled and writhed as the tentacles tightened their grip on him. Suddenly its flesh began to run and slide like wax, it shifted attempting to free itself from the six shadowy tendrils holding it in place. Working quickly Lando and Dowd worked to take the thing out. After battering it with his fists Lando found it to be an exercise in futility as the things flesh was so soft it absorbed much of the force. Dowd was slightly more successful using his Protean enhanced claws to hamstring the Eel. When finally it looked as if the Eel might escape his shadowy bindings, Lando staked him through the heart with a broken chair leg. The battle finished the coterie stood over the torpid body of the Eel, considering their next step.



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