Winds of Change

Strangers in the Night

In Which the Coterie Meets Allies and Enemies Alike

We resume with the coterie standing over the torporous form of the Eel in a quadruplex on Duck Avenue. Hurtz makes a call to Ms. Edna with news of Eels capture. Edna tells them to stay put until a cleanup crew arrives to “sanatize” the scene and pick up the body. Afterwords the coterie heads to the La Concha to report on their success to the Prince. At the front desk they are given a key card to room 514 where they are to meet the Prince. Once inside the room, a two room suite in fact, they are asked to wait in the first room until the Prince has finished with her current appointment.

Inside the Prince’s private chambe the Prince is in the midst of repaying a boon owed to an old Nosferatu aquaintance. The boon involves her allowing the former ally’s childe to make a haven within the city. The neonate, Jadan, has the voice and eyes of a lovely young woman, but that is all that remains of her former beauty. As with all Sewer Rats the curse of their clan has warped and deformed her features into a monstrous visage. To cover for her deformity, and lack of skill at hiding it with Obfuscation, she wears a hoody jacket and veil, giving her an exotic or eccentric look, rather than horrific. Finished with explaining the rules of the city to the whelp, the Prince dismisses her curtly.

In the outer room Jadan meets the coterie, taking a measure of them in a polite exchange of empty pleasentries. When the others are called into their meeting with the Prince, Jadan heads for the street where her ghouled Belgian shepherd, Rasputia awaits her. In the Prince’s chamber Lando proudly informs the Prince of their success, to which the Prince graciously grants the coterie license to lair and hunt within her city. De La Croix asks the Prince if she is familiar with the initials, “E.W.” to which the Prince replies, “no.” The Prince as usual plays her cards close to her vest, and leaves the assembled Kindred feeling as if there is yet more going on than they are aware of. When dismissed the coterie makes for the street and is discreetly followed to Club XS, which occupies the former theatre building behind St. Pauls Episcapol church on Eaton, a block off Duval St.

After a short walk the coterie enters the club where Hurtz performs, and helps to manage for the Giselle, who is partial owner. Meeting in the 2nd floor office, music pounding at the door walls, the group discusses their current situation. Dowd suggests tracking down the Nosferatu, Jadan, to aid them in spying on the Prince. New in town, she should have few loyalties, and may be useful to the coterie. Giselle mentions the picture in the house on Duck Ave., and the initials, “E.W.” The group strongly suspects the Prince of foul play, but has yet to collect any evidence of foul play. Unbeknownst to the coterie, at that time Jadan is invisibly eavesdropping on their palaver. With nothing more to say the group splits up to find the Nosferatu. Returning to the La Concha, Dowd and Lando find a way to track down Jadan. They follow her trail, and find that she had followed them into the XS. One of the bouncers reports seeing a woman fitting her dress and build catching a cab heading uptown.

With no clue of where to look the coterie splits up to search new town and old town seperately. Lando and Hurtz search downtown, starting in Bahama Village, while Giselle and Dowd head towards up town, by way of the cemetary. Eventually Lando and Hurtz catch sight of Jadan entering the Green Parrot, unseen by the mortal patrons. Lando, who’s supernatural sight has allowed him to pierce the veils of several vampires in the past activates his own Obfuscate discipline, and passes unseen into the bar. Careful to avoid being seen, Lando surprises Jadan near the back of the bar, only to be threatened himself by Rasputia, her ghoul shepherd. Lando explains that his allies would like to speak to Jadan in private, and perhaps offer her a job. Jadan consents and Lando contacts the others. They decide to meet back at Giselle’s yacht, near Front St. and the Sunset Pier.

As soon as the group comes together, just outside the old Custom’s House a wave of paranoia washes over them. All but Giselle are affected, and feel as if someone, or something is watching them. Hurtz gathers her cloak of shadows around the group, but drops the veil from herself. She continues up the dock, surrounded by her now invisible companions. Heading toward the boat she she’s a small black child staring out to sea. Her hackles raising she asks the boy if he’s lost, and he admits he cannot find his parents. Feeling kidness towards the boy, she offers to take him to the office, and the boy agrees putting his small hand in hers as they walk towards the office of a nearby hotel. On the docks the boy shouts after someone going around the corner, he tells Hurtz he believes it was his mother. They make haste to the end of the dock, just around the corner of the hotel and see a well dressed black man and a gorgeous younger woman.

The man smiles broadly, and thanks Hurtz for finding his son. He walks up Hurtz offering to shake her hand, and thank her for her kindness. She is barely able to notice the man’s Hatian accent when he catches her eye. She feels herself stiffen, as the man’s golden, snake-like irises lock with hers. The man shouts something in Creole patois, that Giselle understands as, “look out for her friends.” The boy still holding onto Hurtz’s hand turns leering into the darkness around them, his hands growing into taloned claws. The woman, who Dowd noticed had been closing her eyes, opens them revealing glowing scarlet eyes. She whispers something and a bilious green flame ignited in her palm. Lando drops his veil and grabs the “father,” and attempts to wrestle his gaze away from Hurtz’s. He’s successful, but the man fights back, keeping the two locked in a struggle against each other.

At the same time, Giselle summons shadowy tendrils to grab the woman from the group, using the tenebrous tentacles to grapple and crush the woman. Dowd, uses his superhuman celerity to get behind the “mother” and slashing her twice across the back of the neck, flaying the skin from her spine. Meanwhile Jadan watches as the boy begins to fade from view, becoming a translucent image upon the dock. She charges the boy, tackling him to the ground, as she shouts a command to her dog to attack. The fight with the boy is brief, but brutal though he nicks her with his claws, slashing her face, it’s the only hit he gets in before her brutal strength and loyal hound take him out of the fight. While Jadan is fighting the boy, and Dowd is occupied with the woman something huge rushes out of the darkness. With an inhuman howl the thing rushes Dowd, pummeling him from behind with nobby fists ending in bone spurs sharp enough to rend flesh. The thing is almost 9 feet tall, and built like a gorilla, but it’s flesh is covered in slick ropy muscles and chitin.

The fight does not go well for the monster or his allies. Giselle uses two of her shadowy tentacles to attack the beast, while the other two continue to hold the struggling black woman. She uses two of the tentacles to sweep the monster off his feet, and uses her Dominate discipline to command the thing into inaction. With the creature downed and helpless, Dowd turns and begins to eviscerate the creature with his claws. Struggling with the “father,” Lando manages to pull him from the dock and the two fall into the water. Jadan finishes with the child, and turns still flushed from combat to help the others. Giselle is about to use her mind trick on the woman as well, but the woman points her finger and invokes some foul curse. Giselle can do nothing but cower and whimper as she sees the face of her dead son, rotted and ruined staring at her from nearby. Before the witch can do more Dowd is upon her, and finishes her off quickly. With nothing left to do Hurtz calls the Sheriff again to inform her of the tussle. Lando pulls himself up the dock, having lost the man in the water. When Jadan looks over her shoulder however, she notices that the boy is no where to be seen.

The group decides to leave the cleanup to the local Kindred authorities, and tries to track the boy down. Following his blood trail and then using her dog, they track him to the end of Bahama Village and into the fenced off, and abandoned bomb shelters at the edge of Truman Annex. Lando moves quickly to follow with Jadan hot on his heels. Hurtz and Dowd send word to the authorities and Giselles link to the Justicar, while Giselle keeps an eye out behind them. She summons a patch of darkness to obscure herself and watches the streets intently. Meanwhile inside Lando follows the patter of small feet through dusty low-ceilinged hallways which eventually leads him into a musty room. Inside a man stands leaning on a cane, his bearded face obscured by shadow. As Lando steps into the room, the man turns, his right eye gleaming red in the darkness. “Come to me my boy,” he says with a slight spanish accent, “it has been too long since we have seen you.” There is little Lando can do to resist, he hears the man’s voice like a sirens call, and cannot help but move quickly to his side.

Outside, staring out from her cloud of darkness Giselle spots a young man across the street, just between two buildings. She is unable to discern his features save for a sort of wound on one side of his face. She moves closer to get a better look at him, and she notices that the man is staring straight at her. They make eye contact and he draws a sword from his belt and salutes her. Unnerved, as no one should be able to pierce the supernatural darkness she has summoned about herself, she moves yet closer. As she comes close enough to see him, she is shocked as she recognizes his ruined features. His only reply to her obvious recognition is to say, “Hello mother.”


Thanks to the ST of the “Siege of California” chronicle on this site for this great blue booking idea. I have quoted it directly, much thanks.

Here’s a way for the players to become more involved in the game. Read the following, participate, and get advantages in game.

3 experience points will be awarded to a player who writes up a session recap.

2 experience points will be awarded to a player who fills out their character’s profile.

2 experience points will be awarded to a player who contributes a piece of fiction concerning their character. A section of the Wiki will be apportioned for player submitted fiction.

For all of these the experience points will be awarded via the Obsidian Portal website. I will either send a private message confirming I’ve read the entry and awarded the bonus points or will mention it in the comments of the entry. Either way, the points may be spent immediately (if you have access to the books) or before the start of the next session if you need help. Bonus points may “stack” meaning, if a player writes a session recap and submits a piece of fiction that player will receive five experience points total to be spent on their character (to a total of six bonus experience points per Chapter). So if the same player writes a session recap, submits a fiction, and fills out their profile all during the same Chapter of the story, they would only receive their maximum total of six points per chapter not seven. Feel free to email me any questions.

Strangers in the Night

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