Winds of Change

Down the Rabbit Hole

In which the Coterie interrogates the girl that is both a vampire and a mother.

From the notes of the Nosferatu informer, Jaydan.

July 30, 2008

I hope you appreciate the trouble I went through to get these to you. One of their crazies has got the Evil Eye, and I know he’s going to find me. Besides this whole thing gives me the creeps.

The group returned from their various outings to the Yacht. Incidentally I have confirmed that the robbery of the Mel Fischer Museum was Sabbat related. I caught sight of the perps leaving on foot, but they disappeared before I could track them. Rasputia was too spooked to follow, she whinned too much for me to properly shadow them, probably because they were shadowing me. It’s not paranoia when you are just another monster that can hide in plain sight, it’s a survival instinct. Anyway, when I saw their cars arrive I tailed them to the yacht. Once their I got into my hidey hole and started listening to the info. Jeez these people are dense, I keep wondering if I could just insinuate myself back in the group, but I’d rather not deal with the hassle.

Anyways, the juicy part is coming up. So they hear a knock at the door, and their pet Rambo, oh I’m sorry, I meant Gangrel gets his gun and the ghouls and goes for the door. To his surprise, no one’s there. Being a Nos’, I knew it wasn’t Ding-Dong-Ditch, so I waited to see what happened. Sure enough, the bozo in the rumpled suit gives a look around and spots a girl no one else could see. When he sees her, and grabs her she cries out. She says she needs their help, she was kidnapped, yadda yadda yadda. So they keep an eye on her, they ask her a couple of questions that don’t go anywhere, and then the French woman puts the wammy on her. She probably coulda built a whole new memory for the girl, but what she did do was unravel someone else’s mental mojo. Wonder who did that, oops, guess it’s not my job to question.

So, the girl starts spilling the beans. Some weird shit, she’s taken in by the cops, she’s put in a little room with her buddies from the streets. Then they seperate them, and she doesn’t see them again. She’s given a blood transfusion (some sci-fi Embrace?) and tortured, experimented on and raped, all this post-mortum. She’s in there for months of this shit. She only sees three people on the regular. Some Freudian doctor, a shadowy woman, and a young man with a surfer cut and some book in his hand. I think I’ve met this kid at court, seems like nice guy, wonder why he’d get mixed up in crazy shit like that. But who knows, we Sewer Rats just show our monster on the outside. The girl also talks about getting pregnant and having a baby after the transfusions began.

Now here comes the weird shit, they pull all this info out of the girl, way too much for my comfort, thank you very much. Then they ask her how she got out, and she claims she crawled out through a three inch drainage pipe in the floor! The creepy thing is that I’ve heard something like that before. There was this one gathering in New Orleans when I heard of one of ours, or I thought he was one of ours, who learned that kinda shit in the circus. Said he could fit into any place his hand would fit. Like that guy on X-Files who ate people’s livers to live forever. Tell me that wasn’t someone’s clever way of breakin’ the Masq., right? Anyway, they get all this out of her, let her go shower off and giver her some blood. The Mr. Wrinklesuit gives her this whole heart to heart about being a blood sucking monster.

After that they lay low till sundown. The next night they go out hunting, amazing how none have done what the Prince suggested, getting a herd and sticking with it. Well, the she-male did, but he/she had it before. Anyway, they creep around downtown looking for the right kinda target when Lando(Wasn’t that the guy from Star Wars?)finds some chick behind one of the strip clubs. He sneaks up all calm like, but as soon as he sinks his fangs in he goes Jaws/Cujo apeshit! He starts growling and tearing at this woman’s neck, riding the frenzy hard. De La Croix, the french Lasombra drops a curtain of darkness on the area, and I don’t get to see much of what happens next. Hank, their “Gangrel Rambo,” tells the girl to meet them back at the car and he gets ready to go himself. Things probably would have worked out for them if that douche of a Scourge, O’Rourke, hadn’t stepped out of the strip club with his cronies at just the wrong moment.

I lose track of De la Croix, but Dowd looks like he’s ready to fight. Instead, when the shit goes down, he speeds lie a demon past O’Rourke and his bitch-boys and tackles Lando just as he comes slinking out of the shadows. He gets him in some high school wrestling move, and drags him growling and screaming away from O’Rourke. That’s when one of O’Rourke’s boys asks about the girl, who they hadn’t seen, and gets a knuckle sandwich from his boss for the trouble. After that things settle down and I decide to tail the others. Something sneaky goes down, and they all meet back at the boat to head out. I stow away, and that’s where we are so far. I gotta keep this stuff written down, ‘cause there’s no way I’m going to remember it all when I gotta turn it over to the boss. We’ll see where the boat takes us tonight I guess.


I had a lot of fun with the game the other night. It’s been over a month since the last time we played, due to scheduling problems and Fantasy Fest. This is a perennial problem for every group I’ve had since getting out of high school. It begins in the end of October with Fantasy Fest, our local week long Mardi Grasesque party that culminates in a fun local parade down Duval Street in downtown Key West. Then there’s Thanksgiving, and Christmas, and New Years. We were lucky enough to get a game together as is. Anyway, we had a blast and I’m really looking forward to the next session. Tenatively titled, “Down on the Bayou.”

Down the Rabbit Hole

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