Winds of Change

Baptized in Blood and Fire

In which the coterie is formed by the crucible of blood and fire.

The night begins as Archon, Giselle DelaCroix, her aide-de-camp, the Malkavian drag queen “Vagina Hurtz,” and their enforcer Hank Dowd are tracking down a known member of the Sabbat. They’ve followed him to the abandoned Omni Mall in downtown Miami. Here they follow a Nosferatu Antitribu through an entrance in the darkened parking garage attached to the mall. Little do they know, they are being shadowed as well, by a vampire in search of his mysterious past. They are helped by their shadow to gain entrance when he utters an overheard password to the guards on the otherside of a barricaded doorway. Once inside the party impersonates a Sabbat pack and are lead through an inhuman gallery of torture and monstrous excess.

They drink from a fountain of blood, and watch as Archbishop Fabrizia Contrariz officiates over a blood bath, a gory Sabbat ritual. Fading into the background with the help of Ms. Hurtz’s control of the discipline Obfuscate, the coterie prepares to make a swift exit from the ensuing orgy of blood. Just before they leave their bluff is called by the Archbishop who calls for the Ductus of each pack to step forward and be presented a mission by the Archbishop herself. Their shadow reveals himself, as no coterie member wishes to press their luck and confront the Archbishop directly. Posing as the pack Ductus, Lando, the coterie’s mysterious shadow steps forward and receives a mission from Contrariz. Meanwhile Dowd, still under the Cloak of Gathering formed by Hurtz, uses his tape recorder to gather as much intel as possible on the personal missions given to each pack Ductus. As human captives are lowered on chains into the frenzying crowd of Cainites below, the coterie finds it prudent to make a hasty retreat.

Once outside the party is confronted by Lando who reveals his own mastery of the Discipline Obfuscate. The coterie convenes on DelaCroix’s yacht at the nearby marina. On the way Dowd makes an information drop at secure location and waits for contact. Without further intel the group decides to cautiously pursue the mission assigned to them by the Archbishop. The mission was to attack a ship containing incoming Camarilla Kindred. Being that the Coterie are really working for the Camarilla, the group planned to rendezvous with their possible allies and falsify an attack. Worried that it could be a trap the group makes sure to go armed and wary.



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