Winds of Change

A Monstrous Discovery

In which the Coterie discovers a horror in the hold of a ship.

The Coterie awakens the next night aboard the yacht. With still no further posts from their benefactor, the group decides to pursue the Archbishop’s assigned mission. At this point the coterie questions Lando’s credentials, asking him of his clan, his past, his capabilities. Lando reveals that his answers to all of these questions are as much a mystery to him, as to the coterie. He has been searching, for several decades now for clues to his past identity and has kept copious notes that lead him here to Miami, and in fact to the Omni Mall. With this revealation, and some lost history “herself,” Ms. Hurtz vowed to aid Lando in discovering his past. After their talk the group began gearing up with guns and armored vests stored aboard the yacht in case of pirates. Armed and ready, the coteries sets out for the docks.

With Lando in the lead using his Obfuscate discipline, and Ms. Hurtz providing cover for the others the group made their way to the Port of Miami. Once there they received a text with the name of the ship and its dock number. “Pier 23, the Siren,” was all the text said. Dowd at this point decides to find a spot to snipe from to provide cover fire to the coterie should something attack them on their way to the ship. The coterie then waited for the ship to unload and most of the crew to head out on shore leave. With the majority of the crew gone the PCs watched as a group of sailors made their way onto the ship to unload some additional cargo from the hold. Lando shadowed this new group and listened as they struggled below deck with a large shipping container, when suddenly all hell broke loose. The doors to the shipping container burst open, and a monsrout claw, the width and height of two men slashed at the sailors. Something from within the container roared and the rest of the sailors fled as the thing clawed its way through a cargo port on deck.

What came into view in the moonlight was a horrible mass flesh, neither man nor animal. The thing was as large as an elephant and hungry for blood. It swiped at the sailors on deck as it struggled to pull its’ gargantuan bulk upward. Thinking quickly Lando ran to one of the local cargo cranes, climbing it swiftly and disabling the operator. He then was able to move the thing through trial and error over the ships hold, where the monstrousity was beginging to pull itself free. At the same time, through the scope of his sniper rifle, Dowd sighted the monster and made ready to fill it’s head with .308 rounds. Squeezing the trigger he took a couple of shots, hitting the creature in the head, but barely wounding it. Just before the monster succeeded at pulling itself up, Lando dropped a huge cargo container on the creature’s head. There was a roar, a crash and then silence. Soon dockworkers were rushing down to the ship, and the sound of sirens could be heard approaching. Once again the coterie retreated the DelaCroix yacht.

Once there the received another drop from the Justicar. The mission had been a trap, the lines of communication had been compromised. DelaCroix and her group were to leave town immediately for their next mission. Included was a picture of the target they were to investigate, Ms. Hurtz recognized her at once. It was a picture of the Prince of Key West, a most dangerous game had begun.



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