Winds of Change

Archon Giselle de la Croix has been ordered by her Justicar to investigate The Prince of Key West. Gathering a group of Kindred allies, Giselle makes her way south through Sabbat infested Miami to Key West where blood is scarce, and the stakes are high. The Prince of the city, Emmaline Du Veaux controls her fiefdom with secrecy and the power of blood. Through combination of boons, blood bonds, and her mysterious influence over the city’s numerous Malkavians, the Prince is unrivaled in her control of the city. However South Florida is a hotly contested area, and yet the savage Cainites of the Sabbat have never been able to successfully conquer Key West. Recent intelligence suggests a link between the Prince and the Sabbat, but to what end?

Will the Archon be able to unravel the mystery in time, or will she be drowned in a sea of blood surging ahead of the coming storm?

The Coterie

Archon Giselle De la Croix

Henry “Hank” Dowd

Orlando “Bruno” Griffin

Vagina Hurtz

Archon Aaron Burkidge

Winds of Change

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